Google Reader is Shutting Down

Abby A

As you may have heard, Google Reader will be retired at the end of June.

Since Google Reader is a tool we at the Eccles Library have recommended using for RSS feeds in the past, we wanted to make sure you, our patrons, are aware of this and provide some options.  Here are the four Google Reader alternatives that I have seen suggested the most:

Feedly –
NewsBlur –
The Old Reader –
NetVibes –

You can find overviews and comments about these and other RSS tools in posts on Gizmodo and The Verge. If none of those work for you, there are plenty of other options, including ones that make your RSS feed look like a Star Wars movie opening or a Star Trek computer display.

Basic information about retrieving your Google Reader data before July 1st can be found on the Google support page. For more information about how to transfer your data and feeds from Google Reader to your new reader, try this Lifehacker post.

Personally, I have been trying out Feedly for the last few weeks.  This is one of the easier transitions because Feedly pulls your RSS subscriptions directly from your Google Reader account.  I have found that after tweaking some of the preferences, I feel pretty comfortable using it and am no longer quite so devastated about losing Google Reader. I have tried the Chrome and Firefox plugins, as well as the iPhone and iPad apps.  I think I even like the mobile apps a little better than using Google Reader on my iPhone.

Which RSS reader are you using?