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Be Secure Wirelessly on Campus

UConnect – best choice

UConnect is your top wireless network choice when on campus. It connects you to the University Network for access to licensed resources such as journals and databses via secure authentication with highest bandwidth. Log in with your uNID.


Traveling nationally or internationally?

Eduroam “allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain  Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions. Once a device is configured, it can connect to any participating eduroam network using the user name and password assigned by the user’s home institution.”

Note: Eduroam on campus grants secure wireless internet access but does not connect to the University Network. Not all University licensed resources will prompt for uNID login.  Bandwidth not as high as UConnect.
Wireless best choice for University of Utah affiliates is UConnect.


UGuest wireless access provides basic internet access. UGuest  is not secure and has limited bandwidth. Wireless best choice for University of Utah affiliates is UConnect.

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