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Appy Hour Recap- May

On May 2 at Appy Hour, James Hughes, a software developer at the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute (SCI Institute), presented an app called ImageVis3D Mobile.

James Hughes manipulates the hand image on ImageVis3D

James Hughes manipulates the hand image on ImageVis3D

ImageVis3D started as a desktop program developed by SCI Institute, that was then converted into an app for the iOS platform. ImageVis3D allows users to visualize and interactively explore terabyte-sized data sets. On the mobile version, these data sets are remotely accessed.

During the presentation Mr. Hughes manipulated an image of a hand. With ImageVis3D, he was able to strip the skin layer to examine the hand and wrist bones. In a medical setting, health professionals can use ImageVis3D to manipulate and explore patient’s organs and other anatomical structures.

Give it a try!

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