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Appy Hour Recap- June

MedCalc- Wayne Hendrix 6-6

On June 6 at Appy Hour, Wayne Hendrix, a third year medical student in the School of Medicine at the University of Utah, presented two medical calculation apps. The apps are MedCalc and ABG Acid-Base Eval.

Wayne uses both of these medical calculator apps in rotations. MedCalc (picture on the left) is a board calculator app with multiple medical formulas, scores, scales, and classifications divided into overarching topics or body systems.

ABG Acid-Base Eval - Wayne Hendrix 6-6

The other app, ABG Acid-Base Eval (picture on the right), is a more specific tool for analyzing ABG’s and electrolytes in patients. This app takes the user through a step-by-step approach to discover potential acid-base disorders and offers diagnostic ideas. Wayne believes that ABG Acid-Base Eval is a great tool for guiding and reminding practitioners of the methodical approach!

Give them a try!

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  1. Mark De Blasio
    posted: June 18, 2014 2:28 pm

    Thank you & please keep me on your email list to send all future helpful Presentations, related Info. & articles. Much appreciation, Mdb.

    • Tallie Casucci
      posted: June 23, 2014 9:41 am

      Mark, I added you to our list of contacts for future Appy Hour events! We post information about events, presentations, and lectures on this blog. If you want to learn about other events, try using RSS (orange icon on the right-hand side) or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We routinely advertise events on those platforms as well. Thanks!