Faculty Survey Results- Post 3

Tallie Casucci

Tallie Casucci

In the spring of 2013, the Spencer S. Eccles Library conducted a faculty survey related to public services. This blog post and others will outline the faculty responses and address the concerns raised.

You asked, we answered!

Read more about this survey and the results!


Eccles Library Usage by Faculty- Databases and Full Text Resources

  1. Have you used the following literature databases in the past year?

databases you use


  1. Are there other databases you regularly use?do you use other databases

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  1. Have you used the following resources to find full text (e.g. articles, book chapters, etc.) in the past year?

other resources you use to find full text


  1. Are there other resources that you regularly use to find full text?do you use other tools to find full text

Your colleagues also use SPORTDiscus, ProQuest, EBSCOhost, Ageline, Scopus, OMIM Gene Review, and more!

If you ever feel overwhelmed with a search, remember to contact us for help! We provide you with expert Research Information Services.


Read more about this survey and the results!