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Newly Published Paper Details Rapid Transformation of Eccles Library Collection

In 2013, the Spencer S. Eccles Library massively downsized its collection of print books and journals, ultimately removing over 90% of these resources. HOW did they do it? WHY did they do it? Three Eccles librarians – Christy Jarvis, Joan Gregory, and Jean Shipman- published an article in the June 2014 issue of Collection Management explaining the rationale for the project as well as the details of how it was executed.

Curious about how the Library pulled it off? You can download and read a complimentary copy of the paper, titled “Books to Bytes at the Speed of Light: A Rapid Health Sciences Library Transformation” from the publisher’s website.

We’d love to get your feedback and hear what you think about the Library’s move away from maintaining seldom used print books in favor of expanding access to online content. Please contact Christy Jarvis at 801-581-3031 with comments or questions.

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