Looking for a QUIET Place to Study?

Ray Balhorn

The HSEB 5700 Health Sciences Student Quiet Study Suite

60 Cubicles
5 Small Group Study Rooms
Even some Comfy Chairs and a Stand Up Counter
Open 24/7 from mid-July – mid-December 2014

For Use By: Health Sciences Students with HSEB UCard Access

There are approximately 60 study cubicles in HSEB 5700 Suite (5th Floor HSEB – enter via Informatics South Door), a counter for use as a standup working space for 2-3 students, a small comfy couch area, and some small/tiny group spaces that may be used for small group study.
Available suite rooms for students include 5725B, 5725C, 5725D, 5750B, and an unnumbered room with a door across from 5750D.

Health sciences student quiet study is the priority for this space. Use of this space is on a first come, first served basis – with occasional scheduling of the small group spaces for non-student uses. When studying in this suite, please WEAR your ID BADGE/UCARD and encourage others to do the same. Please enter and exit the HSEB 5700 Suite through the UCARD-access-controlled door on the south end of the suite. This suite is for use by authorized students only; please do not prop open the doors.

REMINDER: Health sciences students may also study at The Bistro at The England Hub in HSEB (after Hub hours) and now have access to improved scheduling information about HSEB seminar rooms via QR codes; check it out.