Appy Hour Recap- November

Tallie Casucci

Tallie Casucci

minna- novOn November 14, Minna Wang, presented an app that her Bench-2-Bedside team created. The app is called CHIMP which stands for “Cultural Health Intelligence for Medical Personnel”.

We were really excited for their team to present at Appy Hour because they won the Library’s sponsored award for Bench-2-Bedside, the “Sex and Gender Differences Award”. To learn more about sex and gender differences, check out our guide.

CHIMP is designed to increase cultural awareness during interactions between health care professionals and patients. This is a reference tool for medical personnel to review before they interact with a patient with a different cultural background than their own. The app currently provides information about four prominent ethnicity groups: African American, Asian (Southeast), Latino, and Native America. After selecting the ethnic group and gender of the patient, the medical personnel can select information from four categories: cultural health beliefs, cultural treatment practices, family structure, and additional information.

CHIMP is currently available for Android and will soon be available for iOS. Give it a try!