New Library Catalog and eJournal Citation Linker in one tool!

Mary McFarland

Mary McFarland
Information & Technology Consultant

Campus libraries have a new Library Catalog to find items available from campus libraries at the University of Utah.  The new Library Catalog offers an A-Z (eJournals plus)  list of full text items, as well as a Citation Linker to find online journals, books or articles (copy & paste PubMed’s PMID or the publisher’s DOI number into relevant box.)   See screenshots below.

Library Catalog home screen:

Find items from campus libraries (Eccles Health Sciences, Marriott, and Quinney Law.)  Type titles or keywords into search box to find all items in all formats available from campus libraries.

Screenshot of new Library Catalog. Decembe.r 2014

Library Catalog new home screen. Dec. 2014.

 In search results, check for online full text by clicking on the “View it” link listed below the title.  See screenshot example below:

Example search for the journal title, Lancet:

Screenshot of Library Catalog.

“View it” displays details (year of access & source) for online full text.

Citation Linker   finds online full text items by Journal or Article or Book.  (Please note: Journal is default search.)  See screenshot below to find full text by article:

Image of article CitationLinker

Select Article tab, then paste in PubMed’s PMID or publisher’s DOI number in relevant box.

Clicking “go” then opens new screen: choose “View It” to see full text options and access dates. See screenshot:

Image of Article CitationLinker full text acess and dates.

CitationLinker Article search by PMID opens full text access and dates under “View It” tab.

A-Z (eJournals plus) (replaces previous eJournals link.)  Use A-Z , linked at top of Library Catalog screen, to find eJournals or eBooks by title which are available from campus libraries.

Screenshot of A to Z lis of online full text.t

A-Z list. Browse or find full text titles – journals or books.

Give it a try.

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Eccles Library home page. January 2015.

Eccles Library home page. January 2015.