Withdrawal of Informa Healthcare Titles from “Get It Now” Service

Christy Jarvis

Christy Jarvis
I can help you navigate the scholarly communication ecosystem, including: where to publish; how to comply with funder public access requirements; how to manage your scholarly profile, and measure your research impact. I provide instruction on author rights, copyright and Fair Use, and the ethical use of information. I am also responsible for the Eccles Library's collection of information resources, including books, journals, and databases.

In January 2015, the publisher Informa Healthcare announced that its portfolio of 180 journals would be taken over by the academic publishing division of Taylor & Francis.

As part of that transition, Taylor & Francis re-evaluated the cost-per-article fee charged for all Informa Healthcare titles, including those made available through the Library’s Get It Now article delivery service.

As of May 2015, Taylor & Francis implemented new, significantly higher, costs for all articles purchased from Informa Healthcare journals.  In many instances the cost rose by 145%. This has resulted in Informa Healthcare journals now charging between $61 and $98 per individual article.

The Library has evaluated the impact of the cost increase on our overall budget for Get It Now services and has determined that the 145% escalation in price is unsustainable and cannot be supported.

Effective immediately, the Library is withdrawing its current suite of 19 Informa Healthcare titles from Get It Now. Those titles are:

Acta oto-laryngologica *
Brain injury: BI *
Cell communication & adhesion *
Clinical toxicology *
Critical reviews in microbiology *
Current eye research *
Current medical research and opinion
Expert opinion on biological therapy
Expert opinion on investigational drugs
Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy
Journal of dermatological treatment *
Journal of immunotoxicology
Journal of interprofessional care *
Leukemia & lymphoma *
Medical teacher *
Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology *
Scandinavian journal of infectious diseases *
Ultrastructural pathology

Starred titles are those to which the Library maintains either an active subscription (in which case it was only the backfile content that was available via Get It Now) or has access via an aggregator such as EBSCOhost (in which case it was only the embargoed content that was available via Get It Now).

It is regrettable that the Library had to withdraw these journal titles from Get It Now, but the drastic publisher price increase made such an action unavoidable. For questions or concerns, please contact Christy Jarvis 801-581-3031.