New!! Lancet Backfiles Available Online

Christy Jarvis

Christy Jarvis
I can help you navigate the scholarly communication ecosystem, including: where to publish; how to comply with funder public access requirements; how to manage your scholarly profile, and measure your research impact. I provide instruction on author rights, copyright and Fair Use, and the ethical use of information. I am also responsible for the Eccles Library's collection of information resources, including books, journals, and databases.

The Eccles Library is pleased to report that the University of Utah community now has online access in PDF format to every issue of The Lancet. The Lancet has been published weekly since its foundation in 1823; our new backfile includes 390,000 articles written prior to 1995, all enhanced with HTML abstracts and reference linking.

The Lancet is one of the world’s most highly cited medical journals, and it is noted in particular for a philosophy of reform that dates to its foundation. The Lancet backfile will support the university’s ongoing research programs through its reports of clinical findings and investigational methods in landmark studies, and it will enrich current reviews by offering historical context to new findings and trends in medical practice.

Among the classic articles which can now be retrieved online are Joseph Lister’s “On the antiseptic principle in the practice of surgery” (1867), “An address on the repression of war experience” by W H R Rivers (1918), and “Penicillin as a chemotherapeutic agent” by E Chain and H W Florey (1940).

The Library’s full-text searchable backfile begins with the first issue in 1823, offering over 180 years of excellent coverage of advances in health and medicine.

These journal backfiles can all be accessed from the Library’s e-Journals list. You’ll also find links to this archival content from within the Library catalog.