Kristen Ries and Maggie Snyder Day

Shirley Zhao
Data Science Librarian, NN/LM Training Office

IMG_2895 (800x533)Mayor Biskupski proclaimed March 29 as Kristen Ries and Maggie Snyder Day. Dr. Kristen Ries and Maggie Snyder PA-C opened the AIDS/HIV clinic at University Health Care in 1994. They treated the majority of HIV/AIDS patients in the Mountain West since then. Dr. Ries states, “It was never my intent to become an activist. But I just knew I could protect myself against HIV/AIDS with the same protocols I would use for any other infectious disease. So we forged on with knowledge and naiveté. I care for the underserved because I believe everyone deserves reasonable care.” We honor their compassionate service to humanity.

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[photo credit: Jack Bender and story credit: How the West Won Medicine, history of the University of Utah School of Medicine]

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