What Research Data Services Are You Looking For?

Shirley Zhao

Shirley Zhao
Shirley Zhao is currently an Assistant Librarian (Clinical) at the University of Utah Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library. She consults and teaches workshops and courses on information/data literacy, data management, and reproducible research practices. She supports evidence retrieval and synthesis, including literature searching, reference management, and protocol development. Shirley also consults on issues in scholarly communication, publishing, and research software/tools. Her interests include data science; reproducibility; open science; research impact; and science communication.

ecclesBothOver the past decade there has been an increased emphasis on research data management and sharing. In addition to many funding agency mandates, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a memorandum in 2013 requiring all federal agencies that conduct more than $100 million dollars a year in R&D to develop plans to support increased public access to the results of their research. The University of Utah supports this effort to make the results of research — including the underlying data — transparent and replicable.

In order to better support your research, provide useful data services, and enable replicable, data-driven research, the Libraries (Marriott Library, Eccles Health Sciences Library, and Faust Law Library) and Research Computing & Center for High Performance Computing are conducting a needs assessment for University data services. While the University currently offers a limited set of data services, the information gathered in this survey will be critical in developing additional and expanded services. We are soliciting input from researchers across all disciplines in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, health sciences, law and humanities, and therefore, encourage you to think expansively about the term “data” to include whatever you consider to be evidence for your research.

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Thank you for participating. Your input will be invaluable in our effort to build data services and support the exciting research in our community.

Post contributor: Rebekah Cummings, Research Data Management Library at Marriott Library. Follow her on Twitter @RebekahCummings.