Ideation Studio Opens!

Tallie Casucci

Tallie Casucci

Ideation StudioThe first step of innovation is generating an idea or identifying a problem that needs solved – the ideation phase. While the University of Utah offers innovators spaces to fabricate prototypes and create sample devices, there are few spaces that support true design thinking or idea generation and sharing. To meet this gap, the EHSL just opened a new Ideation Studio, a brainstorming space that University personnel can reserve using the Synapse scheduling process.

This Ideation Studio is located on the south end of EHSL’s Main Level, and provides a mobile whiteboard walled space to invite groups or individuals to gather. Flow chart tools and other mind-expanding widgets may be borrowed from the Front Desk.

Design classes are being planned for those wishing to know more about how to “think out loud” and explore in a space that supports delving into new concepts and deep diving to derive solutions to tough issues.

Reserve your time within the Ideation Studio today – open all EHSL operational hours.