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Free Yoga at EHSl

EHSL Now Offering Free Yoga!

Reprinted from eSynapse, newsletter of the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, 2016 July-September (Vol 31 No 3)

Tallie Casucci, Innovation Librarian at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, and creator of Yoga at the Eccles Library, discusses why she pursued this innovative library programming, and what it is all about.

What is “Yoga at the Eccles Library”?

Yoga at the Eccles Library is a free yoga series offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We had a trial series from May 25 – July 27 that was well received by our Health Sciences community.

Why host this event?

  1. While attending a conference, a yoga instructor led stretches between the sessions. I quickly realized that I was more alert, and could pay closer attention to the talks, even late in the afternoon.
  2. I’m recovering from knee surgery and still need a few more degrees before I can kneel sitting on my heels. I hoped that more stretching would help me get those last degrees (it did!).
  3. We are all stressed at work. Why not have some fun wellness activity at work?!
  4. There’s a growing collection of literature on yoga and its benefits!

Did people actually go to the trial series?

Yes! And many received WellU credit for attending six or more sessions. Cha-Ching! Because of the popularity of the trial series, we are not only continuing to offer Yoga at the Eccles Library, but expanding to include another day!

Did people enjoy it?

Yes, we received really positive feedback from our survey, in-person conversations, and emails. Here’s what people said:

  • Pros: wellness, conveniently located, work/life balance, free, being outside, instructor, small class, exercise, judgement-free participants, calming, relaxing, escape from office
  • Cons: uneven lawn, larger location for when weather is poor
  • Suggestions: offer another time outside of 9-5 work schedule

Who taught the sessions?

We partnered with Yoga Assets, a yoga teacher certification program to offer these sessions. Yoga Assets students are required to fulfill volunteer hours before attaining their certification. The student who taught for Yoga at the Eccles Library did a wonderful job and it was really neat to watch her improve throughout the ten week period!

Is yoga continuing?

Yes, join us August 31- December 14 on Wednesdays at 12-1pm and Thursdays at 7-8am. We’ll be on the Garden Level of the Eccles Library on most days. Check out the event announcement for more details.

Who can attend these yoga sessions? Do I have to attend all of them or RSVP?

Any University of Utah affiliate can attend the free yoga sessions. You do not need to RSVP, just stop by for one or all events.

Free Yoga at EHSlI’m new to yoga and don’t own a mat, can I still come?

Of course! Simply stop by the Eccles Library Front Desk and borrow a yoga mat.

So, when does free yoga start?

Free yoga starts on Wednesday, August 31.  Yoga ends this fall semester on December 14. Join us on Wednesdays at 12pm and Thursdays at 7am, on the Garden Level of the Eccles Library.

by: Tallie Casucci, Innovation Librarian