Exhibit: Discover Utah Genomics

Shirley Zhao
Data Science Librarian, NN/LM Training Office

genomicsexhibitDiscover Utah Genomics
September 9 – November 2, 2016
EHSL Upper Level

University of Utah scientists have been tracking down the genetic cause of disease for over 50 years. They’ve discovered over 30 genes that cause major diseases resulting in new tests and treatments that have saved thousands of lives. Now U of U scientists are leveraging Utah’s unparalleled resources to spark the next generation of genomic discoveries that will improve the health of families around the globe.

Discover Utah Genomics explores the unique families, technologies, and scientists that power the genomic revolution in Utah. In this exhibition, you’ll:

  • Learn how Utah’s remarkable families and a one-of-a-kind database power genetic discovery.
  • Hunt for disease-causing genes using a cutting-edge genome analysis tool developed at the U of U.
  • Hear from U of U scientists about advances in precision medicine that will transform health care.

Discover Utah Genomics was developed by the Natural History Museum of Utah in collaboration with University of Utah Health Sciences.

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