Games4Health Wants Judges and Student Competitors

Tallie Casucci

Tallie Casucci

G4H Logo_Full_outlines.v2-01 Games4Health is in full-swing and wants your participation!

University of Utah employees can be judges.

Students, it’s time to develop a health game idea, make a video, and win a cash prize!

So you want to judge, here’s some information from the organizers:

With the arrival of the new year, our team is diligently preparing for the upcoming Games4Health competition!

If you have already registered to become a judge, we are truly grateful for your willingness to help. Not only are you offering a great deal of service to the digital health community, but you will also be astounded as to the quality of each of the student’s submissions.

To those who have not yet registered, the competition deadlines are fast approaching! Perhaps this act of service to the community can fulfill a New Year’s resolution.

Please consider offering a small portion of your time to help judge a sample of student submissions. Not all videos will be evaluated by the same judges, so every registered judge will be a tremendous help to promote the digital health community.

Please register at:

Are you a student, who wants to win one of the cash prizes? Here’s some information for you:

This is the time of year associated with resolutions to change and achieve more in life. Did you know that it is estimated that nearly 47% of New Year’s resolutions are health based? These resolutions range from examples such as a commitment to quit smoking, to eating more vegetables or exercising more. The Games4Health competition is an excellent opportunity to present your ideas for games that can assist in reaching goals and elevating quality of life!

Participation in Games4Health is simple and fun. Remember — no coding is required, only your creativity and desire to make an impact! For complete details on the competition check out this competition guide. Registration closes on February 10th, so now is the time to register.

To participate in the Games4Health 2017 challenge, register at:

Games4Health is coordinated by the Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation at the David Eccles School of Business.