Art Exhibit: Layers of Medicine Student Artwork

Heidi G

Heidi G
Associate Director, Administration

The Eccles Health Sciences Library is now featuring its newest art exhibit, Layers of Medicine. The exhibit consists of artistic interpretations of concepts taught in class, which are created by first and second year medical students enrolled in Layers of Medicine. This required course, pushes medical students to personally and creatively explore the unique relationships and challenges of practicing medicine.

Come view the different displays to see how thinking through art can lead to different observations and influences. The library’s Main and Upper Levels will be home to the interactive and engaging student work until May 15th.

Course directors, Gretchen Case and Karly Pippitt, emphasize the role ethics, humanities, communication, and gender play in terms of giving and receiving medical care. From this, the course directors hope that students start to think differently about health care, and express their talents in broader varieties.