Rock Star Medical Librarians: Meet the Collisions!

Shelli King

Shelli King
Executive Secretary

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The response has been the equivalent of a standing ovation with people holding up cell phone lights.

So we’re back for an encore of medical librarians. We even have a couple of bands.

The idea started after the Director of the National Library of Medicine Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan wrote in a blog post, “I’m all for the ‘rock star’ librarian idea.”

We are so with her on that.

Four women wearing dark sunglasses strike intimidating poses: The Collisions

Erica Lake, Nancy Lombardo, Shirley Zhao, Jean Shipman

Current gig: Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah

Three words on what it’s like to be on the library beat: Inform. Connect. Innovate.

Rock solid advice for wannabe medical librarians: Work with passion! Be curious and willing to try new things, venture in new directions, and fail.

The biggest misconception about being a medical librarian: You have to have a clinical background. You don’t!

If you’re not rocking as librarians, what are you doing? Recording our next album at a local dive!