EHSL faculty contributed over 11 presentations & posters to the 2017 MLA conference!

Tallie Casucci

Tallie Casucci

Check out some of the work our EHSL Faculty created for the 2017 MLA Conference this Memorial Day weekend!


Daring to Calculate the Cost Impact of the Librarian – Kari Jones, John Bramble, Barb Jones, and Claire Hamasu

E-Channel: Publishing the Work of Dreamers- Christy Jarvis and Jean P. Shipman

Daring to Dive Deep into the Citation Data: Going Head to Head with SciHub – Christy Jarvis and Melissa L. Rethlefsen

Comparing the Effectiveness of Conceptual Search Methods: Is a Fast Approach Sufficient for the Production of (Sound) Systematic Reviews: A Prospective, Double-Blinded, Controlled Study – Wichor M. Bramer, Melissa L. Rethlefsen, and Margaret Sampson

The Effects of a Telemedicine Health Information Prescription in Uncontrolled Hypertensive Patients in a Family Medicine Ambulatory Clinic –  Bernadette Kiraly, Erica Lake, Kimiya Nourian, Rachel Christensen, and Josephine Sun



Students Dare to Dream with Health Video ProductionsJohn Sanchez, Jean P. Shipman, Tallie Casucci, and Anita Leopardi

Journal Clubs as a Learning Method to Increase Librarians’ Knowledge of Biomedical Big Data Applications – John Bramble, Catherine Burroughs, Courtney Butler, Emily Glenn, Alicia Lillich, and Megan Molinaro

Benefits of Participating in a Mobile App Evaluation Project – Alicia Lillich and John Bramble

Does the Intention Match the Outcome? Completion Rates in a Massively Open Online Course – Molly Knapp, Rebecca Brown, Jessi Van Der Volgen, Matt Steadman, and Sarah Dickey

Dream It, Then Do It in the Media Design & Innovation Lab – Erin Wimmer and Nancy Lombardo

Dare to Make the Dream Come True: Developing a Curriculum Mapping Tool with the School of Medicine – Erin Wimmer and Kerri Shaffer