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Healthi4U 2017 Winners

Congratulations participants on another successful Healthi4U Student Video Competition! From many impressive videos, 3 winners were selected:

  • 1st Place ($3,000) was awarded to the “Care for Clean Air” video. Their video also won the People’s Choice awards, earning them an additional $500.
  • 2nd Place ($1,000) was awarded to the video, “Today I Am Alive.” This powerful movie was the second win for this team, who placed in the top 3 last year as well.
  • 3rd Place ($500) was awarded to the creators of “I Could Have Seen It Coming.”

If you would like to view their videos and the other entries, follow this link:

Congratulations to all our winners and participants. Thank you for your hard work and your willingness to spread health information through a new medium. Thanks also to our coordinators, without whom this even would literally not have been possible.

Written by: Annie Hines, 2017 Healthi4U student leader