We’re giving the AskAQuestion page a fresh, new look!

Mellanye Lackey

Mellanye Lackey

Beloved question askers –

We’re excited to unveil a project we’ve been working on – a new look for the AskAQuestion page! We think the new design is clean, easy to use, and will help you get the answers you need!

With this new page, you will find:

  • A layout that’s pretty easy on the eyes. Ahhh…
  • You can submit a question from the help page! No need to send a separate email (unless you want to).
  • You can also send consult requests on this page.
  • A great chat box with more information about who’s chatting with you.
  • Quicker access to FAQs. In the main search box, suggestions will drop down as you’re typing.

Pretty nifty, huh?!? Take a look http://libanswers.med.utah.edu/ and let us know what you think. The new page will replace the current page on Friday, December 15th.