Library Award Given to Bench-2-Bedside Team 2018

Brandon Patterson

Brandon Patterson
As the Technology engagement librarian, I connect you to digital tools and emerging technologies. I create meaningful experiences using prototyping tools, virtual reality and online learning platforms.

Endo-Grip team win $2000 Library Award

Endo-Grip team wins $2000 Library Award at Bench-2-Bedside 2018

The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the J. Willard Marriott Library co-sponsor the annual $2000 Library Award given at the Bench-2-Bedside Competition Night.

This year, the Library Award went to the Endo-Grip team. One of the members of Endo-Grip, Amir Ali Ghaffarian, spoke to us about his team and his experience.

Who makes up the Endo-Grip Team?

The team consists of Amir Ghaffarian (med student), Ben Fogg (med student), and Farshad Mogharrabi (mechanical engineering student).

What is Endo-Grip?

EndoGrip is a unique and simple device that controls guidewires in minimally invasive procedures. In the U.S., there are over 16-million annual procedures that use guidewires to treat conditions throughout the entire human body, and EndoGrip makes these procedures safer, easier, and more cost-effective.

What library resources or services did your team utilize when developing the product?

Our team met with one of the [Marriott Librarians], Alfred [Mowdood], who helped us perform a patent search. We also worked with Tallie [Casucci] on market research who was kind enough to send us several reports related to our product. We also met regularly in the [Eccles] health sciences library as a team and used the [Center for Medical Innovation] prototyping lab to print numerous 3D molds of our device. The librarians helped us significantly in accessing and printing materials.

What advice would you give to others about itilizing the resources and services in the library?

There are many wonderful resources available to you through the library, so take advantage of them! The library staff know a lot of information, are very efficient, and can provide you with enough information to save you a lot of time!

Anything else?

Thank you to the Marriott and Health Science Libraries!!

What is the Library Award?

The Library Award is sponsored by the Eccles and Marriott Libraries. It is granted to a Bench-2-Bedside team that demonstrates engagement with the faculty and staff of the three campus libraries. Additionally, winning teams must have effectively applied the knowledge and information received.

The Library Award is judged by members of the Libraries Innovation Team on the competition night. The Libraries Innovation Team is comprised of librarians from the three libraries: Eccles Health Sciences, Faust Law, and Marriott. The team supports innovation efforts by providing informational resources, tools, and spaces for entrepreneurs.