Art Exhibition Opening: Brush to Rice Paper

Donna B

Donna B
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Brush to Rice Paper:

an exhibition of Korean Art

On View: Monday, June 11 – Tuesday, August 7, 2018 during Library Hours

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 4-6pm

Location: Art Gallery, Main Level, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of Utah (Map and Directions)

 “When I put my brush to rice paper… I go with the flow of the water. Each single brushstroke leaves its mark, there is no chance for correction. Mysteriously, beautiful.” – Brigitte Kirk

Showcasing the art of two classes held by Gemma Joon Bae, Brush on Rice Paper features traditional Korean brush art taught in Utah. The exhibition will include works by students, as well as their instructor, illustrating the customs and symbolism of Korean art while also demonstrating that art itself is all-inclusive. The students consist of docents from UMFA (many of whom have been at the museum for over a decade) and Korean-American women who volunteer together at St Vincent’s Community Center soup kitchen. The classes are relatively new, originally starting in early spring of last year.


Kelly Park, Elaine England, Soonbok Holley, Rosemary Chung, Brigitte Kirk, Anita Gander, GayLynne Sylvies, Gemma Joon Bae, Geri Siegel, Cindy Bruce, Esther Quintana, Kyong Kim

Artists Statement:

We, the students of Gemma Joon Bae, study and practice the art of traditional Korean watercolor painting with the goal of developing an understanding and appreciation of the techniques, beauty, and universality of Korean art. With this study we have learned ways by which a culture may be explored and better understood through its customs. While art forms are unique to a particular culture or school of thought, the desire to participate and share in art is universal.