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EHSL Bronze Certification

Eccles Health Sciences Library Attains Green Office Certification

EHSL Bronze Certification

In January 2018, the Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL) was pleased to be recognized for our continuing progress towards the university’s sustainability goals. Bronze Level Green Office Certification was presented to EHSL by Myron Willson and Karren Fultz of the University of Utah Sustainability Office.

EHSL met the following criteria in order to achieve Green Office Certification at the bronze level:

Certification Checklist
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In its continuing effort to increase the environmental sustainability of library operations, EHSL is now working towards the next level of certification, silver.  EHSL has already met some of the silver certification requirements: purchasing only 100% post-consumer recycled paper for use in the library, collecting pre-consumer food waste for composting, and using only reusable tableware and utensils.

EHSL’s push for greater environmental awareness and sustainability goes back many years.  Initiatives include: recycling of diverse materials including coffee grounds and batteries, reducing electricity use within the library, and participating in the annual Clear the Air Challenge.

In achieving bronze certification, EHSL joins two other university departments that have also reached that level of certification: the College of Humanities Dean’s Office, and Parks, Recreation & Tourism.

The University of Utah’s Sustainability Office seeks to integrate sustainability as a core principle throughout operations, research, and education at the University of Utah and to support initiatives that cultivate the campus as a living laboratory.  Among the office’s many contributions to the university’s environmental goals is the 2010 Climate Action Plan. This document outlines the steps necessary for the University of Utah to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.