Layers of Medicine – Artwork by Medical Students

Joan M. Gregory

Joan M. Gregory
Access and Inclusion Librarian

Layers of Medicine, 2018 Fall

Thursday, November 8 – Friday, December 7, 2018
Main and Upper Levels, Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
Open during Library Hours

The Eccles Health Sciences Library (EHSL) is now featuring the Layers of Medicine exhibit of art created by medical school students enrolled in the Layers of Medicine course which addresses the human elements of healthcare and medical training that are “layered” on top of scientific knowledge and clinical skills.  Stop by during Library hours (perhaps on your way to or from a class/meeting in HSEB) to see this amazing collection of artistic interpretations of the human side of medicine in which burnout,  death, disability, gender, ethics, the art of giving and receiving medical care, and much more are explored through art and artistic expression. The Library’s Main and Upper Levels will be home to this interactive and engaging display of student work until December 7th.   Experience the loss of a patient and the solitary suffering of chronic pain patients.   Witness the communal metamorphosis of medical students from strangers to family and from students to doctors. Contemplate the messy and unclear lines that dictate what is acceptable in “gallows humor” and who is “worthy or unworthy in medicine.”   Consider how homelessness and other external factors interact with how someone accesses health care or one’s ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Appreciate those who become knowledge – the cadavers.

Course directors, Gretchen Case, PhD and Karly Pippitt, MD, FAAFP, emphasize the role ethics, humanities, communication, and gender play in giving and receiving medical care. The art project is assigned to the medical students to provide them an opportunity to personally and creatively explore the unique relationships and challenges of practicing medicine. The course directors’ hopes are that students start to think differently about health care, and express their talents and creativity in alternative ways.

EHSL is also pleased to feature student artwork in two locations – Upper Level, West Entrance and Main Level, near the treadmill desks and the elevator.   Here you will find featured student art from previous Layers of Medicine exhibits.

Make a point to come by to appreciate and explore these collections.  Dare to be inspired, to question your assumptions, to think differently about health care, and to dive deeply into the challenges and rewards of the human interactions of the practice of medicine.