VR Symposium for Education, Research and Clinics, April 3-5

Brandon Patterson

Brandon Patterson
As the Technology engagement librarian, I connect you to digital tools and emerging technologies. I create meaningful experiences using prototyping tools, virtual reality and online learning platforms.

TJ Ferrell, Hololens

Join students, staff and faculty from throughout campus to demo VR applications for education, research and community engagement. Hear about ways to get involved with projects and more about the creativity happening around emerging technologies at the University of Utah.

As a lead into our Mayden Lecture on April 5th titled Towards the Rehabilitation of Domestic Violence Offenders using Virtual Reality, we’ll be showcasing VR projects from the Library and across campus from 12 – 2 PM on Wednesday, April 3rd at the Eccles Library; projects showcased include:

Chris Allen, Eccles Health Sciences Library
Living Portraits AR

Greg Bayles, The GApp Lab, & Eric Handman, Dance

Mark Durham & Ben Engel,
Dental Implants VR

Bryan Gibson, Biomedical Informatics
VR to promote engagement in Diabetes Prevention

Rhonda Nelson & Lauren Lee Isaacs, Department of Occupational and Recreational Therapies
Two applications on VR in Recreational Therapy

TJ Ferrill, Digital Matters Lab
How Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Higher Education lecture

View event info for April 3 at Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
View event info for April 4 Marriott Library Digital Matters Lab
View event info for April 5 Priscilla M. Mayden Lecture: Towards the Rehabilitation of Domestic Violence Offenders using Virtual Reality 

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