Training Simulation, Implant Course, Virtual Reality Bridges the Learning Gap

Brandon Patterson

Brandon Patterson
As the Technology engagement librarian, I connect you to digital tools and emerging technologies. I create meaningful experiences using prototyping tools, virtual reality and online learning platforms.

In partnership with the Marriott Library and Eccles Health Sciences Library, the School of Dentistry has been developing hands-on surgical simulations in virtual reality (VR) to train new dentists. Procedures done in VR are proving to save costs and aid in students learning concepts quickly. Over the next 6 months, the development team will complete the world’s first full-service dental-practice simulation for every procedure dental students need to graduate.

In October 2018, a group from the School of Dentistry traveled to India with the VR simulation to teach over 100 pre-dentistry students using the technologies practicing procedures they would otherwise never be able to practice without aid of technology.

The Marriott Library and Eccles Health Sciences Library provide space, personnel and equipment to help get projects like these up and running on campus. In this video, Ben Engel, VR Developer, describes how VR projects are developed, how the libraries help support its development, and how to bridge the learning gap by providing learning and training simulations for low frequency procedures because of cultural, societal, and/or economical reasons.

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