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menstral products available at library

Menstrual products now in all library bathrooms

In an effort to increase menstrual equity, the library now offers menstrual products, for free, in all restrooms (and the city has adopted a similar service). Like toilet paper, health products should be readily available for all who need them, and it’s very common for periods to unexpectedly start. In most states, including Utah, tampons are taxed as luxury items, despite being a necessary health items for over half of the population.

These products are also being made available in the men’s restroom for a multitude of reasons, including trans and intersex visibility – or to grab one for a friend in need! It’s as simple as creating easy access for any one, for any reason.

If you have more questions, the above links give great information, or you’re welcome to research the topic further using the keywords  “pink tax” and “period equity”.