DynaMed NEW Platform – Coming August 21, 2019

Christy Jarvis

Christy Jarvis
I can help you navigate the scholarly communication ecosystem, including: where to publish; how to comply with funder public access requirements; how to manage your scholarly profile, and measure your research impact. I provide instruction on author rights, copyright and Fair Use, and the ethical use of information. I am also responsible for the Eccles Library's collection of information resources, including books, journals, and databases.

On August 21st, the Library’s subscription to DynaMed will migrate to a new platform.  You can see a preview of the interface here.

Fast Facts About the new DynaMed platform

  • Eccles Library currently has a license to DynaMed Plus. After August 2st, the library’s access to the expanded content and enhance functionality of DynaMed Plus will migrate to the new platform, but will be rebranded under the name “DynaMed”.    So after August 21st, when you access this resource, you will see the name DynaMed, only.  But you will continue to have the breadth of content and functionality you’ve relied upon in DynaMed Plus.
  • Any topic or specialty level alerts you have set up previously will need to be re-established after August 21st by using the new “Follow” feature available in each topic.
  • If you currently use the DynaMed app, you will receive an update notification within the app that will prompt you to download and install the new version.
  • The link to DynaMed will not change. If you have bookmarked the current site, you will automatically be switched over to seeing the new interface on August 21st.

For more information or help getting started with the new DynaMed platform, please contact the Library.