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Introducing Digital Publishing from the Eccles library

Introducing Digital Publishing at the Eccles Library

The Eccles Library is proud to announce our new Digital Publishing platform.

The new Digital Publishing site, located at showcases, highlights, and provides access to the vast digital collections, educational platforms, and scholarly output that the Eccles Library Digital Publishing Group creates and curates.

Digital Publishing Highlights

Dr. Edward I. Hashimoto, Professor of Anatomy 1935-1985

Dr. Edward I. Hashimoto was known for his simultaneous two-handed anatomical renderings and beloved by students and faculty alike for his compassion and wit. Dr. Hashimoto served as Professor of Anatomy from 1935 to 1987.

Digital Exhibition


Rubor: Humanities Magazine

Rubor serves as a forum for people from all aspects of healthcare in Utah to share their stories and showcase their creative talents. Through fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and visual art, the publication will explore medicine by focusing not only on the promise of curing, but also on the art of healing.

Digital Collection & Website


Dr. Irene Loewenfeld, Professor of Ophthalmology 1973-2009

In 2005, the Spencer Eccles Health Sciences Library received a collection of research that includes over 15,000 index cards and 10 research journals. These belonged to Dr. Irene Loewenfeld, a prominent researcher of the human pupil who conducted over fifty years of research in order to publish her seminal textbook on the human pupil. We received and developed this collection in conjunction with the Neuro-Opthalmology Virtual Education Library (NOVEL) program.

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About Digital Publishing

The Eccles Library Digital Publishing service supports the activities of the University’s faculty, researchers, students, and library staff by publishing, organizing, displaying, preserving, securing, and providing access to digital resources. The Digital Publishing site provides access to information, including scholarly output, curriculum support materials, digital collections, historical records, and other digital objects that provide enduring value for scholarly endeavors. Additionally, the Digital Publishing group offers a wide array of publishing, archiving and media creation services for students, staff, and faculty of the University of Utah and partner organizations.