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NNLM MCR Home Offices

Behind the Scenes: Office Tours of Remote Workspaces of the NNLM MidContinental Region Team

As a health information outreach and training project, the Eccles Library and their Partner Library Teams working on the National Network of Libraries of Medicine National Training Office and MidContinental Region are used to working wherever there is a good internet connection and a working computer. In response for a request for teammates to share what they can do from where they are plus a photo of their workspace and any coworkers who might be hanging about, these are some of their responses….

John Bramble, NNLM MCR Associate Director – Salt Lake City, Utah

Bramble Office

“From my location, I can do all my work from here as long and the internet and computer work. This is my work space for school and work. Finn is my 3-year-old co-worker who just lays around all day unless I get up to walk around. The desk is on loan from my parents. My dad picked it up at an auction the year I was born (1969) when the Utah governor’s office was being refurbished. The wood chair, the most comfortable wood chair I’ve sat in, came from an auction at the Utah state capital building, around the same time as the desk. Sadly, the chair is to noisy to sit in due to the squeaking in the mechanics, thus the chair from Costco. My view would be better if I were to move that ping pong table out of the way. Sometimes our herd of neighborhood deer hangout on the lawn.”


Samantha Nunn, NNLM MCR All of Us Coordinator Salt Lake City, Utah

Nunn - Office View

“From my location, I am able to do all my usual work responsibilities from home. I have a nice view of the mountains right outside my office.

Samantha Nunn’s Coworkers

Nunn - Coworkers

“I’m getting along with my new coworkers very well!”


Donna Ziegenfuss, NNLM MCR Data Science Coordinator –  Salt Lake City, Utah

Ziegenfuss - Home office

“From my location, I can work in the company of 2 of my 3 cats who are hogging all the heat coming out of the floor heat vent. During the day as the sun changes – so do the cats. A lesson learned – move around and follow the sun.”


George Strawley, NNLM MCR All of Us Community Engagement Coordinator – Farmington, Utah

Strawley - Office view

“From my location I can have lunch five times a day! No pets, not much of a view.”


Chris Pryor, NNLM MCR Library Engagement/Missouri Outreach Coordinator – Columbia, Missouri

Pryor - Home Office

“This is one of my favorite mobile office locations. Here I am working away on my usual responsibilities while my colleague is napping on the job.”


Levi Dolan – Location: Columbia, Missouri

Dolan - View from office

“From my location I can look out the back window and see bees buzzing around our two beehives.  The henbit in our tiny back yard is in bloom, so they don’t have to travel far for food these days.”


Bob Millsap, NNLM MCR Financial Analyst – Salt Lake City, Utah

Millsap - Ready for anything

“It’s a little dark for photos, but here’s my office… prepared for anything.”


Rebecca Brown, NNLM NTO, Training Development Specialist – Prairie Village, Kansas

Brown - Home office

“From my location, I can multi-task.”


Molly Knapp, NNLM NTO, Training Development Specialist – Houston, Texas

Knapp - Home Office

“I am going with ‘just do it now’. Dont be fooled, pre-k in background has eschewed ABCmouse for and the boy & dog are just gassy all day long. That’s all my homeschool printables – feel bad for the families who do not have 4 laptops, 1 printer, 3 ipads & all the other upper middle class accoutrements”


Remzi Kizilboga, NNLM NTO, Instructional Technologist/Curriculum Specialist – Bloomington, Indiana

Kizilboga - Homve Office

“From my location, I can multi-task, print out and scan anything.”


Sarah Dickey, Program Manager – Salt Lake City, Utah

Dickie - Home office

“From my home my commute only takes 10 seconds, but my new coworkers are messy.”