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We Are Here For You – Interlibrary Loans

iLL Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eccles Health Sciences Library Interlibrary Loan department is working remotely to meet your needs. Summer is a time for many of us to catch up on research, and is an opportunity to update courses for the fall, take a deep dive into clinical questions, begin a new project, examine current healthcare challenges (e.g., the COVID-19 pandemic), and more. Interlibrary Loan is here to locate those hard to find resources that you need, that are not available in the collections of the University’s libraries.

We have had to make adjustments to our services during this time:

  • Delivery time for older articles (≥10 years old) may be delayed while many libraries do not have access to their physical print collections.
  • We may be unable to obtain physical books and materials, including those housed within the physical collections of the Marriott Library and the Faust Law Library.
  • Alternatively, we will pursue eBooks and items in electronic format whenever possible.

As we move into the summer months, we welcome your requests. While we have had to make adjustments, we have been quite successful overall in finding resources available electronically or in physical collections of libraries where staff have returned to working on-site. Further, many publishers worldwide are providing open access to articles and other materials related to COVID-19.

We invite you to continue or start using our interlibrary loan services so that we may support you during these difficult times.

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