F1000 Prime is now called Faculty Opinions

Christy Jarvis

Christy Jarvis
I can help you navigate the scholarly communication ecosystem, including: where to publish; how to comply with funder public access requirements; how to manage your scholarly profile, and measure your research impact. I provide instruction on author rights, copyright and Fair Use, and the ethical use of information. I am also responsible for the Eccles Library's collection of information resources, including books, journals, and databases.

F1000Prime has re-branded itself as Faculty Opinions. Although the name has changed, Faculty Opinions remains the same tool that many of you use to “remain current” with the published literature.

Faculty Opinions is an article recommendation service to help you discover the articles you shouldn’t miss – powered by a faculty of over 8,000 leading researchers in biology and medicine- including over 500 of your colleagues at the University of Utah. These faculty members provide commentary and expert opinion on important articles.  Each faculty member highlights the best papers in their field, filtering the literature for you.

The product itself isn’t changing, meaning you won’t lose any of your filters, searches or selections made with your F1000Prime account.

More information about Faculty Opinions is available in this short video (1:30 min).  Have questions?  Want help setting up your Faculty Opinions profile or alerts?  Contact the Eccles Library for help.