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Virtual Anatomy Education Resources

With many of us learning from home, we’ve received several requests for Anatomy Education resources provided electronically through the library. Below are a few options to consider:


This is a suite of 3D interactive models of human anatomy – you can zoom, rotate and peel away layers from structures. It’s a rich resource and can be overwhelming at first, so I suggest using the main search box – enter “heart” or “lung” (singular, not plural).  Then scroll down the page to see search results grouped by media type. A series of upcoming blogposts will go more in-depth on how AnatomyTV can assist specific health sciences programs.

Media types labeled “3D” are interactive. Structures are identified as you scroll over them and the image can be rotated to observe it from different angles.  If you find a 3D image you like (or you create one that meets your criteria – ask me to show you how to do this if you’re interested) you can use the share it with your students 2 different ways. (1) The Share icon generates a link to the image on AnatomyTV.  Students that click on the link will be redirected to the image on the AnatomyTV platform.  This is useful for students who may want to engage in further exploration.  If that is overwhelming or confusing for students, you can use option (2) The Embed icon will generate a link that allows you to embed just that image into Canvas. The image in Canvas will retain the same interactive properties like the one on the AnatomyTv platform (e.g. zoom, rotation, structure labeling, etc.)

Bates’ Visual Guide to Physical Examination

This collection of streaming videos consists of lessons organized by body systems. Each lesson provides detailed explanations of examination procedures and video demonstrations of specific techniques for basic and advanced patient assessment.

Also included are the OSCE Clinical Skills videos for testing your clinical reasoning skills. Each OSCE video includes a clinical encounter and provides an opportunity to develop an assessment or differential diagnosis, and generate an appropriate diagnostic workup.

Human Anatomy Tours

Access Medicine’s Human Anatomy Tours provides interactive modules that help the viewer visualize the human body through a slideshow-style 3D map. The viewer can manipulate the anatomical structures to explore elements in more detail.

Anatomage Table and Anatomy Models

While not available remotely, the Eccles Health Sciences Library can also be a resource for anatomy education in person. We have a range of models for check-out and a virtual cadaver known as the Anatomage Table. With COVID precautions in place, these services are currently limited.