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Digital Anatomy Tool – Anatomy.TV

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Particularly when learning something as complex as human anatomy and physiology!  Written descriptions are unable to convey the complexity of anatomic structures and ranges of movement.  For that, turn to a tool like Anatomy.TV, powered by Primal Pictures.


Available from the UU Libraries, Anatomy.TV is an online resource, providing medically accurate and detailed 3D rendering of human anatomy based on imaging data.  The interactive multimedia content includes 3D anatomy, MRI/CT scans, clinical slides, illustrations, movies, and animations that can be used by students and instructors across all health sciences disciplines.


Here are some of the things you can do with Anatomy.TV:

  • Create customized images with your own labels and annotations, then print or save them for future use
  • Rotate models in any direction using your mouse, zoom in/out, and choose which anatomical structures — muscles, vessel systems — are added or removed in groups or individually, made x-ray, opaque, or viewed in isolation
  • Flexible settings to create outline-only views — great for coloring exercises — or 3D stereograph views
  • Link to relevant text, dissections, clinical slides, diagrams, video clips & MRI scans
  • Quiz yourself


Anatomy.TV is a robust tool.  To introduce you to some of the functionality and help you get the most out of this platform, the Eccles Library will be sharing a series of blog posts throughout the Spring semester to highlight ways that you can use Anatomy.TV in your teaching and learning.  We’ll start by introducing you to the 3 main areas of Anatomy.

  1. 3D Real Time
  2. 3D Atlas of the Human Body
  3. 3D Anatomy & Physiology


Please contact the Eccles Library with questions or to ask for help using Anatomy.TV.  We’re happy to schedule personal or group consultations or instruction sessions so you can get the most out of this tool!