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Limited Menstrual Cups for $5 Available at Eccles Library

NOTICE: Outdated Information. Contact the Help Desk for questions or resource assistance.

The Eccles Health Sciences Library Access Services supervisors Alison Mortensen-Hayes and Donna Baluchi, joined forces with student advocates Millie Heiner, Olivia Kavapalu, Sara Wilson, Maha Alshammary, and Graycee San Cebollero, and received a campus SCIF grant from the Sustainability Office to bring low-cost menstrual cups to the U campus! We’re incredibly excited to provide this sustainable and equitable menstrual product to the entire University of Utah community. Menstrual cups are an easier, reusable, sustainable alternative to tampons or pads that can be worn for up to 12 hours.

Stop by the Eccles Library front desk on Wednesday July 20th between 11am-1pm to purchase a Saalt brand menstrual cup for only $5 (normally retail for $34) – this is our final round of sales and we have a limited number available. After our event July 20, any remaining cups will be available for purchase from the library front desk until we are sold out.

We can take cash or credit card. We ask that menstrual cup purchases be limited to two per person. We have two sizes available now – please take this quiz to determine what size menstrual cup you will need!

If you’re interested in learning more about menstrual cups, you can visit the Saalt website or if anyone has any questions, they can contact me directly!:

We also have an Instagram where we will be posting updates: @cups.for.uofu

Together we’re working to make periods as equitable and sustainable as possible, while fighting period stigma.