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Home Announcements Home Delivery for ILL Items is Available!  

Home Delivery for ILL Items is Available!  

The Eccles Library Interlibrary Loan department is happy to ship your ILL requested books and other physical items to your home address, at no cost to you! Those eligible for home delivery services include current students, staff, faculty, and emeritus faculty of the health sciences. This includes folks who study and/or work on campus, or at a distance. 

How it works: 

Let us know your preference on your ILLiad request! Look for the Delivery Methods section and select Home Delivery from the drop-down list of options: 

Enter your address in the Notes field a little further down so we know where to send it: 

You can also email or call us to let us know. 

After receiving your request, we’ll let you know when your item is on the way to the library, and again when it’s shipped to your home (including the tracking number). 

ILL items that have arrived at EHSL are picked up by mail staff Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From there, items are sent to home addresses within 48 hours. Items received late in the day on Friday will be processed on the following Monday. 

Due dates and notices will function as usual. When it comes time for you to return your item, stop by the Eccles Library or request a return label here to ship it back. 

Questions or comments? Please get in touch!

Phone: 801-581-5282