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Appy Hour Recap- August

On August 1 at Appy Hour, Angel Demirev, a University of Utah student and Apple Campus Rep, presented three productivity apps. The apps are Explain Everything, Notability, and iAnnotate. With all three apps, you can easily take notes and add text, visuals, and sound to pre-existing documents.

LIFT Forum — Developing Hybrid Courses: Blending Online and Face-to-Face Learning

The Wednesday, February 13 Library and Information Technology Forum features Alexa Doig, Ph.D., R.N. who will present Developing Hybrid Courses: Blending Online and Face-to-Face Learning.  Please join us in HSEB, Room 2120 at 12:05 p.m. This seminar explores best practices in hybrid course structure, with an emphasis on deciding what to teach online versus in …Read More »

Health Literacy Advisor software is now available!

The Health Literacy Advisor evaluation software is now available for in-library use on a laptop computer at Eccles Library.  Use this software to evaluate the literacy level of your patient education documents or other materials.  The software helps you rework document text for easier reading by patients. Available in English and Spanish. For more information, …Read More »

Jargon-free doctor-patient communication: Ask Me 3

Patients can ask 3 simple questions to improve doctor-patient communication. And doctors need encouragement and compensation for taking time to assure their patients understand healthcare issues and instructions.