Jenny Flake

Jenny Flake

EHSL Intern for the 2018 spring semester. Currently in her last semester of her Masters of Library and Information Science program at the University of Wisconsin Madison, her masters degree has a focus on using technology within a library setting.


Podcasting at the Tree of Hippocrates Studio

Part of being an intern at the EHSL is that I get free reign to try out all of our equipment under the guise of academic inquiry. One of my initial tasks was to test out our podcasting equipment. My first step was obvious-I made a cat podcast. While not all librarians love cats, I …Read More »

Meet EHSL’s New Intern, Jenny Flake

The EHSL will have a new intern for the Spring Semester. Jenny Flake will be working on multiple projects throughout the library, in order to learn about the many facets of a medical library. In the Technology Department, Jenny will be working with Brandon Patterson to expand awareness of technological resources, both on campus and …Read More »