Todd Vandenbark


Search engines and usability for finding medical information online: a new study

Search engines may be good places for people with adequate or better information literacy skills, but what of the majority of the population that has low health literacy?

Blood glucose peripheral for iPhone/iPod touch

Summary of review of new blood glucose monitoring app using iPhone.

Testing interpretation accuracy of ECG readings sent via cellphone camera

Turkish researchers find the accuracy of ECG interpretations from images sent by cellphone camera show no statistical difference from those read in person by the ER physician. This could enhance medical services in remote areas at low cost.

Low health literacy may predict likelihood of being uninsured

Low health literacy may predict likelihood of being uninsured, even when employed full-time with health insurance benefits. Knowing this poses significant challenges for policy makers and librarians alike as we move to implement the Affordable Care Act.

An example of health literacy and reduction of perceived post-operative pain

Viewing a pre-op video of what to do and expect may result in less pain and more patient involvement.

Spring remodeling project: beginning to look like offices!

Slideshow of library remodeling project, with spaces looking more like offices every day.

Father and son dabbling in landscape: first Eccles Library gallery exhibit

Eccles Library opens the library gallery with its first exhibit: “Mauger: a father and son dabbling in landscape.”

Researchers and information literacy

Discussion of the SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information literacy as applied to research, and how the research process would benefit from librarian input at the beginning, prior to gathering information.

Jargon-free doctor-patient communication: Ask Me 3

Patients can ask 3 simple questions to improve doctor-patient communication. And doctors need encouragement and compensation for taking time to assure their patients understand healthcare issues and instructions.

Home visitation, depression and health literacy

Depressed parents’ health literacy skills can improve through home visitation per a recent study using open access public data.