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Sustainability at EHSL

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The role of the Eccles Health Sciences Library Sustainability Committee is to assist EHSL in meeting the University of Utah’s sustainability mission to create a culture of students, faculty and staff who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

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[faq-toggle title=”Goals” color=”gray”]

  • To promote and implement sustainability initiatives
  • To facilitate awareness of sustainability issues
  • To encourage broader involvement in sustainability efforts


[faq-toggle title=”Objectives” color=”gray”]

  • Recycling
    • Where do/can we recycle various materials?
    • Is our current recycling effort effective?   Is stuff getting recycled?
  • Energy Conservation
  • Request a new EHSL energy assessment.
  • Green Office Certification
  • Promoting sustainability – publicize on panels with slides, on-boarding information, regular awareness raising efforts, programming


[faq-toggle title=”Areas of Focus” color=”gray”]

  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Recycling and Composting
  • Energy and Water Use
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Communication with Campus and Beyond
  • Green Education and Training


[faq-toggle title=”Membership” color=”gray”]
EHSL with invitation to other units in the building to join in the effort with communication to the list

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[faq-toggle title=”References” color=”gray”]

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[faq-toggle title=”Survey Results” color=”gray”]

PDF download of the full survey results (click on the image below) or view in your browser
2017 EHSL Sustainability Survey
2017 EHSL Sustainability Survey