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New study on urban health literacy & asthma

New study examines health literacy levels and health information sources for the caregivers of children with asthma living in poorer, urban areas. Results are informative, but could be more-effectively presented using graphs or other visual representations.

Health literacy: the need for “plain talk”

Searching Twitter using the hashtag “#healthliteracy,” I came across an item that sounded exciting: “MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy to Hold Conference in September: ‘Plain Talk in Complex Times.’” Presented in collaboration with the American Public Health Association, the conference offers: Six preconference workshops: build your skills for communicating about health—in person, on the Web, …Read More »

Suprising top topic in online discussions

What is the most popular topic for discussion online? “Your health” according to Synthesio, a company that monitors and researches statistics and trends on the Web.

Breaking language barriers

Do you know someone who needs health information but English is not her/his primary language? Medline Plus‘ website offers links to health information in other languages, from Amharic to Urdu and Vietnamese. In addition, by clicking on a link located on the home page, you can view Medline Plus in a Spanish-language version. This service …Read More »

MedlinePlus has a new look

MedlinePlus has been redesigned with a new layout and color scheme. Highlights of the new design include: A Videos & Cool Tools page that makes multimedia content easier to find and searchable. A Share button on all health topic pages and interactive tutorials that allows you to share links to MedlinePlus through your favorite social …Read More »