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Welcome to the MCMLA 2013 Online Poster Session!

Each poster is shown as a blog entry containing the abstract for the poster and the relevant files. You can see a list of the posters by clicking on the Poster category to the right or by clicking on one of the poster titles in the list below.

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You can review all the abstracts from MCMLA 2013 in one convenient pdf.

Posters by Title:

No Subscription? No Problem!  A Trial Implementation of Copyright Clearance Center’s Get It Now Service
Authors: Christy Jarvis, Jean P. Shipman, Joan M. Gregory, Amy Birks and Camille Salmond

A New Role in CTSA Support: A Research Concierge
Authors: Peter S. Jones and Jean P. Shipman

Do NIH grant awardees have access to the articles they need?
Author: Caryn L. Scoville

Discovery within a Library – Creating Experiences that Welcome and Invite a Health Sciences Community
Authors:  Joan M. Gregory, Christy Jarvis, Jeanne M. Le Ber, Nancy T. Lombardo, Jean P. Shipman, and Joan M. Stoddart

Comparing Experiences of Participants Taking In-Person versus Online Classes
Authors: John Bramble, Betsy Kelly, Marty Magee and Sharon Dennis

Remote Librarianship: The Electronic Resources Librarian at a Distance
Authors: Tom Gensichen, Mary Helms and Ann Kaste

Distinctive Service for Researchers and Research Administration
Author: Alissa V. Fial

Diversity Terms Unbound: Explore, Engage, and Envision Research through PubMed and the Health Sciences Library
Authors:  Lynne M. Fox and John Jones

Assessing Patron and Librarian Needs in Order to Design Effective Instruction
Authors: Amy E. Honisett, Jeanne Le Ber and Nancy Lombardo

Partnering with State Libraries: Supporting Public Library Health Information Programs and Training
Authors: Barbara Jones, Jim Honour, Betsy Kelly, John Bramble, Dana Abbey, Marty Magee and Rachel Vukas

Blended vs. Asynchronous Classes: Comparing Completion Rates
Authors: Rebecca Brown and Sharon Dennis

Unbound Communication: Partnering to spread the word
Authors: Abby L. Adamczyk, Amy Honisett, Peter Jones, Jeanne Le Ber, Jean P. Shipman, Jessi Van Der Volgen

Experiences of a MOOC from three points of views:  Head of Education,  Reference/Education, and a Cataloger/Reference
Authors:  Euemduan C. Osmera, Alissa V. Fial, and Teresa L. Hartman

The Literature Search Journey: From Request to Result
Authors: Jan Rice, Anne K. Heimann, Jessikah Haselhorst

Defining Roles for Information Providers in a Boundless Environment
Authors: Abby L. Adamczyk, Peter Stevens Jones, Jeanne Le Ber, Mary McFarland and Jean P. Shipman

Open Access to our Open Access Fund
Authors: Jennifer Hicks and Lilian Hoffecker

Reinforcing Service Expectations of Part-time Employees with Improved Training Methods: a Case Study
Authors: Jeanne Le Ber, Noelle Cranmer, Shelby Morris Mitra, Julie Quilter

R(esource) D(escription) and A(ccess): What’s in it for you?
Author: Amanda K. Sprochi

 Hospital Team Experience: Medical Students Explore Non-Physician Roles
Authors: Brenda Pfannenstiel, Benjy Stein, Keri Swaggart, and Andi Wall

A look at the clicks behind “Bringing Health Information to the Community Blog”
Author: Monica Rogers

Taking it to the streets: the iTest iPad community based organization project
Authors: Dana Abbey, John Bramble, Barb Jones and Rachel Vukas

Binding Reference In Order to Unbind Information
Authors: John Jones, and Rose Turner