National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Environmental/Occupational Medicine Academic Award

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is the sponsor of the Environmental/Occupational Medicine Academic Award (EOMAA) Program. For the purposes of this award, the term environmental/occupational medicine applies to the area of medicine concerned with the development of knowledge and the application of knowledge directed at the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of adverse human health effects from environmental/occupational exposures to toxic agents. This includes adverse health effects in infants, children, and adults who are at risk of developing such health problems and the reduction of preventable complications or disability in persons of all ages who have already developed such diseases.

The Environmental/Occupational Medicine Academic Award Program is intended to provide a stimulus for development of an environmental/occupational medicine curriculum in those schools that do not have one and to strengthen and improve the environmental/occupational medicine curriculum in those schools that do. Awards provide support to selected faculty members for their educational development and for implementation or expansion of the curriculum in environmental/occupational medicine. Awardees have active, ongoing research programs related to environmental/occupational medicine.

These awards are made to develop high-quality environmental/occupational medicine curricula in schools of medicine and osteopathy which will have the dual purpose of teaching students and residents the principles of environmental/occupational medicine and encouraging their pursuit of research careers in the field. The awards are also intended to foster the development of cutting-edge educational innovations, such as EnviroDx, that will stimulate learning in this field.