Valeri Craigle

Valeri Craigle has a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from the University of Utah. She is currently a Multimedia production Artist for the Knowledge Weavers Team at the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library.

Valeri has over 5 years of experience in professional Website development and multimedia design. Her most recent Website design project, the Knowledge Weavers Home Page, serves as a portal page for KW projects and multimedia repositories. Valeri also designs Flash animations, including supplemental self-assessment quizzes in neuroanatomy entitled: Pathway Quizzes in Neuroanatomy. In addition, Valeri has worked extensively on expanding upon and re-purposing EnviroDx case templates to include cases in pediatrics (Pedicases) and Ophthamology.

Valeri also serves as the principal forensic anthropologist for the state of Utah and has designed an educational Website for human osteology and forensic anthropology called OsteoInteractive.

Valeri can be reached at