Library Champion…Sue Childress

The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library salutes our Champions. This month we feature Sue Childress, RN, MN, OCN.

Sue is the Director of Nursing at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. She also chairs the Evidence Based Practice Council, which brings together faculty and staff interested in participating in and promoting evidence-based practice and research.

  1. How do you describe the Eccles Library to others?

I frequently tell people that I am very proud of our Health Sciences Library.  I have seen the library leadership “reinventing” how the library supports collaboration, innovation, and research/quality improvement.  People are surprised to hear that there is staff support for committees and project task forces.  When people hear this is a library with “no books!” they want to hear more.  Whenever possible I also try to attend “Appy Hour” – it’s changed my life.  I use the Moves app and Stellarium app all the time.

  1. How has the library helped you do your job?

I have used the library to help with literature reviews.  I sometimes don’t know all the places I can look for information, and the librarians are wonderful mentors and teachers.  Three years ago I started the UUHC Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Committee.  This is a multidisciplinary group that wants to encourage front line staff to look at the “evidence” behind why they do things and use research to support changes in clinical practice.  We have had a librarian on the committee since we began meeting and they have been invaluable in bringing great information to the table.

  1. What will libraries look like in the near and distant future?

I think they will look like Eccles Library!  They are ahead of their time.  They will all have bee hives outside their buildings as well.

  1. What information seeking/using advice would you offer to today’s health sciences students?

Beware of Google!  If you really want to do a serious search for evidence to support a project or answer a question start with the Eccles website.

  1. Sue Childress LibraryWhat do you do for fun?

I love to get outside and hike, bike or cross country ski.  I bought a Eurovan last year and am having a lot of fun camping all over Utah and the West Coast.  My latest hobby is night photography, that’s why I use the Stellarium app.  My most favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to the Farmer’s Market.



by: Sue Childress, Director of Nursing at Huntsman Cancer Institute & Erin Wimmer, Teaching & Learning Librarian