Looking for a New Audience Response Tool?

poll everywhere logoPoll Everywhere is a live, online audience polling system that facilitates instant engagement with your audience. The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the School of Medicine have partnered to bring this tool to the Health Sciences campus at no cost to instructors or students.

Top 5 reasons to use Poll Everywhere in your class or presentation:

No Clickers: Leave behind the hassle of checking out clickers from the Library! Poll Everywhere allows audience members to respond to questions through text or via the web on their own device! There’s even an app for that!

Instant Engagement: Watch response rates change as more participants answer your poll questions. This fun, interactive tool engages the audience instantly, and helps establish what they already know (or want to know!).

Unlimited Responses: You are no longer restricted by how many clickers you can check out and carry. With unlimited responses available for each question, Poll Everywhere can be used for your class of 10 students and your keynote presentation at a national conference.

Easy to Use: Setting up and administering polls is easy! No software to download. No additional equipment to use. Just log in to the website and create a poll in seconds. And, Poll Everywhere can stand alone, or integrate into PowerPoint or Google Slides.*

Variety of Poll Types: Bored with multiple choice question? So are your participants. Poll Everywhere allows you to go beyond multiple choice to elicit different kinds of responses from your audience. Use a Word Cloud to see what the most popular responses are; a ranking question to determine the audience’s priorities; have participants vote on each other’s responses; or display an image for your audience to interact with.

Ready to engage your audience using Poll Everywhere? Email ehsl-polling@lists.utah.edu to request an account and training.

*Integration into PowerPoint and Google Slides does require downloading an easy to install app

by: Erin Wimmer, Teaching & Learning Librarian