Nitrous oxide induced fetal damage
Dermatology Nitrous Oxide / Bites Nitrous Oxide--Potential Side Effects

Positive and Negative Results of Epidemiologic Surveys for Adverse Reproductive Effects among Personnel Exposed to Waste, Anesthetic Gases, and among Their Spouses

  Exposed Women Wives of Exposed Men
Investigators Spontaneous Abortion Major Anomaly in Offspring Spontaneous Abortion Major Anomaly in Offspring

Cohen et al, 1980 Positive ?Positive Positive Negative
Ericson and Kallen, 1979 Negative Negative - -
Tomlin, 1979 Positive Negative Negative Negative
Pharoah et al, 1977 Negative Positive - -
Knill-Jones and Spence,1972 Positive Negative Negative Negative
American Society of Anesthesiologists, 1974 Positive ?Positive Negative ?Positive
Corbett et al 1974 - Positive - -
Rosenberg and Kirves,1973: Positive Negative - -