Procedure Videos
Note : RealPlayer is required for viewing video segments. These video segments are very large and are intended for download from the computers in the University Health Sciences Library, attempting to download them from a remote location could prove to be rather maddening. Each video does have audio, so headphones (available at the media desk) should be used when viewing them in the library.
freezes.jpg (3191 bytes) Spray Freezing (2:07 min)
Demonstration of pinpoint bombing of a small flat lesion on a patient's leg, followed by spray freezing of a raised wart that has been previously anesthetized with EMLA cream.


punchp.jpg (2753 bytes) Punch Biopsy (5:13 min)
Demonstration of a punch biopsy performed on pig skin, including a vertical mattress closure of the biopsy site.


punchs.jpg (2847 bytes) Punch Biopsy (1:13 min)
An abdominal mole is injected with anesthetic (Lidocaine and epinephrine) and removed.


close.jpg (3587 bytes) Punch Site Closure (3:03 min)
The punch biopsy site from the previous video segment is closed by the vertical mattress technique using 4-0 Prolene suture material.

shavep.jpg (2687 bytes) Shave Biopsy (1:31 min)
Proper shave biopsy technique using a double edge razor blade is demonstrated on pig skin.


shaves.jpg (2738 bytes)   Shave Biopsy (1:38 min)
Demonstration of shave technique on a previously anesthetized abdominal mole.


hyfrec.jpg (4153 bytes) Hyfrecator Basics (1:57 min)
Basic tutorial on the use of a hyfrecator unit to destroy skin tags.


tag.jpg (2909 bytes) Skin Tag Removal (6:49 min)
Multiple skin tags of various size are removed using the hyfrecator unit and also scissors. Included is a discussion of the use of Drysol to stop bleeding.


lipoma.jpg (3107 bytes) Incision and Tumor Removal (6:43 min)
A small abdominal lipoma is removed from a previously anesthetized patient (local injection of Lidocaine and epinephrine) and the incision site is closed using a one layered closure (vertical mattress suture using 4-0 Prolene.)




John L. Bezzant,M.D.